Advanced BBcodes v0.4

Description:This is a plugin that will install 13 new bbcodes to your site website e107:

* Ligne (will make a hr, a line of separation)
* Roller (will deforme your texte ^^)
* Strike (strikeout for the text)
* Hide (to hide the text to guests of the site)
* Dailymotion (to post videos Dailymotion)
* Youtube (to post Youtube videos)
* GoogleVideo (to post videos from GoogleV)
* MetaCafe (to post videos from MetaCafe)
* Acronym (allows to use Acronym tag)
* Mp3 Player (allows the use of a small player to play mp3 files)
* Parchment (Displays text with a background in parchment)
* Spoiler (reduces the size of a text via a small button)
* ToolFaq (make custom tooltips)

Deleted the files e_meta.php and style.css and his folder css.

- Added 4 new bbcode: GoogleVideo, MetaCafe, and Roller ToolFaq ^^
- Add the css file and e_meta.php (now style buttons no longer change ...)
- Added viewing preferences, the ability to display bbcode just for news and news of the proposal

Fixed a problem of security with the bbcode Dailymotion

NOTE: You can change the view of bbcodes via administration panel to see that some or not.

Working Demo: here.

If you have comments or suggestions here.

Released:17 Jan 2009 : 10:19AM
Author:The Death Raw
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher