Notice Board v4.0

Description:Features of this version of the plugin Notice-Board:
1) Comments on ads,
2) Counter that tracks the number of display ads,
3) Own management system banner,
4) Title boards equipped with options for easy transition,
5) The plugin has a Russian, English and German version of the language packs
6) Spam protection system,
7) Ability to select the date format for output,
If you use a plug-in 'New Content', then you can include the Notice-Board. Ads are displayed with pictures,
9) Making the plug with the general design of the site.
Plans to develop Notice-Board plugin:
1) The ability to manage an ad for unregistered users,
2) The separation of all the ads for private and commercial,
3) Improvement of the plugin with the images when you edit your ads,
4) Adding the ability to join several images to the adt,
5) Improving the process of editing ads from Admin Panel,
6) Adding Ads management capabilities in Admin Panel,
7) Adding the ability to send notification of the termination of Adt,
Create a tracking system for the release of new versions and auto-update system.

Languages pack: English, Russian, Deutsch
Released:28 Dec 2011 : 11:55PM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher