AACGC Krooze Arcade Addons v3.0

Description:Addons for tyhe Krooze Arcade Plugin V8


Top Wins List
Top Challengers List
Top Tournaments List
Popular Games List
Random Games List
Arcade Champion Menu
Tournament Champion Menu
Challenge Champion Menu
Scrolling Scores Menu
Gold System Support

Tech support only at www.aacgc.com

Unplayed Games List
Alternate Arcade Main Menu
Alternate Category Page

Fixed Orbs not showing in Category Pages
Added option to set Category Font Size on Alt Arcade Menu
Fixed Total Count & Dropdown list not showing
Altered table and layout

Added Dec 6, 2009:
Fixed Alternate Arcade Menu gold errors
Fixed Tournament Errors
Changed Alternate Category Page and Menu Layout

Added Feb 22, 2010:
Option to have an image or flash for logo on the alternate arcade main menu
now shows list of games user is champion of in user profiles

Added May 7th, 2010:
Now shows number of gamer per page that is set in the arcade options
Removed all colors for users and gamenames to better fit website themes

Added May 13th, 2010:
Fixed games per page bug
added new latest games menu with option to set number of games to show
Released:06 Sept 2010 : 07:39AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher