Google Translate v1.2

Description:This plugin is a combination of the other Google translation plugin, except that they include translation for all the language available from Google and reverse:
that is : english to french, german, arabic, japanese, korean, portuguese, spanish, korean, chinese AND the reverse.
Plus there is french to german (and reverse) available.

The translations will be available depending of the language pack you're using.

You have the choice to make it appear in a menu or just as plain text/or flags. You may use it directly into your theme that way.

+ future translations of Google will be really easy to add, just have a quick look at the file.

Edit: Fixed the select_color() bug Antifreeze pointed out.

This plugin will create a link to the Google Translation application, thus putting a little Google banner in top of the window when activated.

Please submit your questions, comments at
Released:12 Feb 2007 : 09:19AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher