Gigya Login Menu v1.0

Description:With this plugin, you can login (or register) to your site with your accounts you use at other providers (e.g. with your Facebook account). The plugin uses Gigya's Social Login service, furthermore this plugin was made from login_menu (e107 core menu), so it has all features of login_menu. For more information, see the plugin's readme in the Plugin Manager.

Supported languages:
- English
- Hungarian

Supported providers:
- Facebook (tested, it works)
- Twitter
- Yahoo
- Microsoft Messenger
- Google (tested, it works)
- Linked-In
- MySpace
- Foursquare
- Orkut
- Vkontakte
- renren
- Kaixin
- QQ
- Sina

The plugin is a beta version! Only tested with Facebook...

Support and Bugreport: Lóna Lore's Website - Development Area
Released:21 Jan 2012 : 07:41AM
Author:Lóna Lore
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher