Membersgroup Menu v2.5

Description:It is a complete system to manage lists of users groups on your site!

The following options are available like:
- Add-change-delete users function
- Add-change-delete/users class function
- Add-change-delete/dispaying usersclass function
- SMTP or PHP mail()function

This plugin was made to be able to manage the users, the classes of users and diplay classes without modifying the core of the application

You can also :

for your administration users and keep your system such as it is..

But this version is a first version, to say a test, and the risk is real to forget to use only your plugin membersgroup to manage your users and and to delete and in particular to remove users or classes of users with the files e107_admin/users.php and e107_admin/userclass2.php and to thus lose data or worse to disorganize your site.

That is why there is another possibility:


It will be necessary for you to replace e107_admin/users.php and e107_admin/userclass2.php
By extracting them since the folder hack/admin from the zip members_group_menu_v2.5
in your file directory admin (default e107_admin).

- BE CAREFULL : By e107 updating these files could be removed and the user or classe users deleting of your plugin not to be in relation to the user or classe users deleting of the system

--- Add your changes here ---