AACGC Public News v1.6

Description:AACGC Public News plugin displays news in different categories on pages and menus for users or userclass to submit news with title, description, and image. Admins accept submitted news and can assign a moderator userclass that can edit user news. Includes options to allow news authors to edit their own news posts, auto PM feature that sends a PM when news is submitted, accepted, and edited, font size adjustments on all pages and menus as well as menu height adjustments, can set max file size allowed to be uploaded, image size adjustments for all pages and menus, and more....

DOES NOT USE E107 CORE NEWS! This is a seperate news plugin.

After you upload the plugin folder, you must set the folder permissions to 777 on the public folder inside this plugin!

Added Dec 2, 2010:
BBCode support added for news description areas
PM feature is now optional
News images now auto adjust height on detail pages to keep aspect ratio
Guests no longer see submit button
Added summary section for news items
Options to show news summary or details on pages and menus
Option to set max characters for summary
Option to use news description if summary is left blank (effect all pages and menus)

Added Dec 3, 2010:
Option to enable / disable BBcode support for users
Summary auto removes all non alphabet or numeric characters
Fixed security issues
Options to adjust image ratio on pages and menus
Admin stats information in admin area for news count, submission count, and comment count
Comment support for news items
Option to allow HTML and BBcode in comments
Option to set max characters allowed in comments
Fixed userclass options for submit and moderator classes
Option for auto approve userclass
Reorganized Submit and Edit forms
Auto renames images on upload to keep from possible conflict with other posts

New Single Category menu added that shows recent news from a specific category
Added options to adjust Single Category menu height, menu title, font sizes for category title and news title, image sizes, number of news to show, and more..

Added Dec 4, 2010:
Admins can now edit news dates in admin area
Option to set date format
Option to adjust time offset
Added total views counter for all posted news
Added RSS feed support (must import in RSS feeds plugin admin area, RSS plugin required)
Automatically deletes submissions once accepted
Image upload now optional
fixed Database creation on install and update on v1.2

Added Dec 11, 2010:
Fixed date not saving when editing or submitting news
Main news and archive news menus now show total view and comment counts
Option to start news archive list where news menu stops
Support for auto adjusting sections (put auto in place of number value in menu heights and it will auto adjust)

Included Hotfix option in settings for those that get SQL Syntax error. DO NOT use unless you get the SQL error, if you can post news without it then you don't need it.

Added Feb 8th, 2011:
Hotfix option removed - plugin now fixed and should no longer be needed
Changed table classes and slightly modified style

Added Feb. 15, 2011:
Language File - users can now translate to other languages if needed.
Fixed several minor bugs
Released:18 Feb 2011 : 06:11AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher