Onlineinfo v8.5

Description:Note:- I have only included the English files as the other ones are too out of date, just copy the english one rename it to your language and change.

Please make sure that you go into the Config once installed and save every page.
Also check the Check List to see it you need to setup other info or plugins.

Remember, you don't need to run everything, just set parts to user class : noone to turn off.

This Plugin has been Tested on IE7, Firefox 3, Netscape Navigator, Opera, Safari.
Tested on php 4.4.8 and 5.2.5, MySQL 4.1.22- standard.
Older versions of MySQL (less than 4.0) may not install the tables into the database, if this happens manually add them by getting there structures out of the plugin.php file
The Cached data may not show to start with until the cached time has passed, set cache to 0 then go out of admin for it to catch the data and then reset the time of the cached info

Some of the Java Code comes from: Dynamic Drive :


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Install via FTP not by e107 plugin uploader
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Please make sure that you save your settings after installing,

ON UPGRADE (Only Upgrade from 7.50, if you are on an earlier version you need to uninstall and reinstall):

There have been loads of changes...
Run Upgrade from Plugin Manager.
Check and set all your settings in its admin sections as they have changed.
Check that it all looks the way you want it and come out of maintenance mode.

For Support, please post on my forum: or post on the Bug Tracker:

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Released:14 Apr 2009 : 02:05AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher