Casino v1.0

Description:FREE VERSION
The Casino is a fully interactive flash based casino for use with the gold system. When using this plugin your members will be able to gamble their gold in choice of 4 classical casino games (more coming soon).
PLEASE NOTE: A version of the gold system is required to make this work.

* 4 Classic casino style games
* Comment feature
* Ability to change the display - e.g number of games in a row, max game size.
* Allow games to be opened in new window
* Compatible with all versions of the gold system

GO DELUXE and get these extra features:
* Ability to create tournaments on any casino game
* Support for ibpcasino games, meaning you will be able to choose from thousands of games
* Statistical information of what each member has won/lost in games and in total
* Nice menus showing who has won the most and who has lost the most
* Feature to limit how much each member can win in 24 hours
* Plus other great features
For more information on the deluxe version Click Here
Released:11 Oct 2008 : 11:45AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher