Revamping the Support Community

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Find out why we've switched to GitHub and StackOverflow for support

Where did those forums go?

As part of our continuing series featuring the new v2 e107, we're thrilled to announce some exciting changes to how we handle support at e107. We're taking our cues from some of the leading open-source development projects to make sure we're better organised and focussed on delivering the great product you've been waiting so long for.

For many years, the forums has been the central hub of support for the community, with hundreds of thousands of posts collected throughout the years. Bulletin boards, however, are being criticised for increasingly being unable to address the demands of today's internet user which use social media hubs a lot more. More and more of the leading IT companies deliver support directly on your favourite social media sites.

Need support? Head to GitHub or StackOverflow

We're interested in making sure the stable version of e107 v2 Bootstrap comes to you as quickly as possible, that's why we've been rethinking how we deliver support for the legacy and new versions of e107. Using the power of existing support communities, the e107 Development Team decided to make the move to shift our support offer on the very capable platforms of GitHub and Stack Overflow. Depending on the level of support, we're asking you to post support queries to one of these platforms so that we are better able to keep track of support requests. By using these platforms, you're also connecting with a big community of other developers who will also be able to assist you and get you support faster whilst our core resources are kept where they need to be - developing the next edition of a leading content management solution.

GitHub - for your bug related issues!

Experiencing a bug, or some sort of system instability? GitHub is the place to go to get support from the Development Team. We'll add your support cue to the ongoing development list and one of the members of the team will be able to modify the code to kill the bug you are experiencing. Any instabilities you encounter should be posted and tagged appropriately so that we can get to it as quickly as possible. Through GitHub you're also able to comment, and add further information which will make it much easier for everyone to keep track of progress towards bug fixing and will also make it easier for you to identify whether someone else has already experienced and reported the same bug - allowing us to avoid duplication of efforts. So, experiencing some sort of bug issue? Tell us about it so we can fix it as quickly as possible on GitHub!

StackOverflow - for your other support needs!

Experiencing a problem with a theme, is some plug-in not working as it should? These are issues which aren't related to the main e107 v2 Bootstrap, but we have setup a StackOverflow community which has a proven track record of providing quality support for some of the leading solutions out on the market today. We've decided to make the jump and join the StackOverflow community as it will provide a place for superior support and it links up nicely with your social media accounts, making it even easier for you to keep track of when your support queries has been responded to by a member of the e107 or indeed the StackOverflow community.

Just want to chat? Just head over to the populars

We want to take the e107 community into your lounge, instead of you having to come to us. That's why we've setup shop on Facebook and on Twitter to give you great community spaces to chat about the developments of e107 and to share with your fellow e107 users. So if you're interesting in having your 2 cents about anything, just head on over to our communities there and help us spread the word that the e107 community is alive and well!

Committed as ever to you, our users

We're convinced that the new panoply of offers will make it easier for you to engage with the e107 community and let us know what you need and want - so be part of the journey and start using e107 v2 and let us know what you make of it on all our collaborative platforms!

See you again soon for another blog update!

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