Merry Xmas and a New Release v2.1.7

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e107 v2.1.7 is Released

We'd like to wish everyone a Merry Xmas and a safe and joyful holiday season!.

What better time is there to release some fixes and improvements for your favorite CMS than Xmas. So here's e107 v2.1.7

New features

  • New admin style added “K-admin inspired”
  • Grid View for Admin interface added (#2794)
  • Option to convert image formats from png or gif to jpeg during import added
  • Pre-release language packs are now also visible in the language manager
  • News-List template now support special styling for the first item
  • Support added for multiple news templates (#2795)
  • {NEWS_IMAGE} Auto Carousel option added to news (#2809)
  • Added {NEWS_RATE} shortcode
  • Added NEWS_LAYOUT constant
  • Social login Yahoo added
  • Multisite navigation support (when using the ‘multisite’ plugin)

Fixes & Improvements

  • HybridAuth upgraded to v2.9.6 and LinkedIn login fixed
  • Fixes for the installation routine on specific server configurations
  • Several fixes to the SEF URLs across all areas
  • Several fixes to the caching functionality (especially in ‘news’)
  • Fixed issue with plugin preferences not saving correctly when value is '0'
  • ‘Voux’ is now set as the default theme during installation
  • LAN fixes, improvements and clean up
  • Several fixes and improvements for backwards compatibility
  • Performance improvements (database, update checks, loading of Glyps)
  • PHP 7 compatibility improvements
  • Fixes to admin and user permissions
  • PHP notices and warnings clean up
  • And many many more bugfixes

For a full list of changes, please go here.

Please see our downloads section to download a copy.

Thank you for continuing to use e107!

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