8 XHTML Themes Released

by admin in e107

There are hundreds of themes available for e107 now.

There are hundreds of themes available for e107 now.

Some are very pleasing to the eye and the detail is superb.


Making sure you have the basics is just as, if not more, important to a well run and well used website.

I have just uploaded 8 new themes (available in the downloads area of https://e107uk.org) which are all 100% XHTML compliant, rely mainly on CSS code and are thus very very quick to load.

The majority of Internet users still use dial up (like myself) and nothing puts people who use dial up more than websites that take a long long time to load each page, due mainly to the amount of graphics on the pages.

(Tip of the day: Where you can use CSS in themes instead of graphics - use it )

Just think about how many people who go to load your website and get sick of waiting and go elsewhere? I am sure there are plenty.

The themes themselves are all the same layout just in 8 different colours.

Navy Blue

So there is a nice variety there to chose from.


[Submitted by Snake]

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