E107 Sites Talk To Each Other Clearly

by admin in e107

If you want to voice enable you website it is very easy.

If you want to voice enable you website it is very easy . SIP phones come with real phone numbers, and can be called from any telephone. Visit Live Phone to get yours for free. E107 webmasters are located around the world. But if you want to talk to each other for free just open your web phone and dial. It's free, clear, and easy. Cell phone free night and weekend minutes mean that any U.S. caller can call your New York City phone number, but you might be in Asia, Europe, or the Middle East. We don't want to publish our office phone number on our consumer advocacy websites. But we do publish what looks like a phone number, because it is. However, it is a SIP phone using voice over the internet, or VOIP. Check the top right hand column of Live Phone and you'll see what I mean. It rings on the computer, gives us voicemail with great clarity, and pops up a call log if I miss a call. All SIP to SIP calls are free. Another benefit is that I can call my SIP phone number from my cell phone if my home telephone line is busy. VOIP has been in the news lately and has escaped regulation thus far. In fact the major long distance providers are moving toward carrying voice over the net. WIMax is moving into the old wireless microwave arena once used by the phone companies. There is some interesting reading on the subject at Net Voice [Submitted by CMSFind]

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