Business As Usual: v0.614 released

dyerry by dyerry in e107

What a difference a month makes.

What a difference a month makes. The past couple of weeks have been like a rollercoaster ride here at

First jalist announced the creation of a dev team and subsequently announced his departure from it. E107 will always be jalist's pride and joy. None of us will ever have the passion that he did for this project and I really hate to see him leave. I wish the best for jalist and hope he decides to return in the future. For now, we will carry on without him.

So with that out of the way, I and the rest of the new dev team are pleased to announce our first official release.
E107 version 0.614 is now available here :

Zip file -
Gzipped file -

And here are the upgrade scripts :

Zip file -
Gzippped -

I'd like to thank the other dev team members for a job well done and I'm looking forward to working with them all.
Thanks to :
Lolo Irie,
and our newest memeber Vilhelm.

One more thing. If you're upgrading from an older version and use the full install, do not upload e107_config.php or install.php. If upgrading from .613 click on Database in your admin section to find the upgrade script.

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