If e107coders.org, e107themes.org are down...

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OK some info about potential e107 sites down...

OK some info about potential e107 sites down...

Never a good news when a site is down, but it's maybe only for a short time, please try again later...

For info : if you REALLY can't access this site after 1 or 2 days and are not able to get a required plugin from other users online here (because maintenance flag or other issue) contact Cameron by email or try to check on http://www.touchatou.org/e107/plugs.php
(not all plugins, but a lot)

Same thing for e107themes.org, please contact Dawn or try this page
(not all themes, but a lot)

Actually you maybe need to use the 'Find in this page...' function of your browser to find the required file in the list. That's only a quick backup of almost files. I will try to enhance the usability soon.

You can also maybe ask help on the e107community site. Sure you will get support.

We will think with the core team about a real mirror system in the future if we can find a free space... Just comment if you have ideas about. wink

And don't forget... we are the first to be sad when a site is down !

Lolo Irie

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