e107 v0.612

by admin in e107

There are some fairly major sized changes in this release so you need to read the following carefully.

There are some fairly major sized changes in this release so you need to read the following carefully. You need to be the main site administrator to perform this update, this is for obvious security reasons. There are two minor changes made to the database structure so head over to phpMyAdmin and backup your db before applying the update. Here's what to do ... Download the update script and unzip it. Upload all the files in the core to your server, over-writing the originals. Then head over to your admin section and you'll see a button telling you a database update is available. Click on the button to perform the changes, and the structure will be updated for you. Now delete the sql update file and you're all done. Here's a list of changes ...
  • e107_admin/filemanager.php : Bugtrack ID 743 : replaced flawed path code
  • e107_admin/download.php : Bugtrack ID 739 : replaced amount from 2 to 50, debug code left in error
  • e107_plugins/chatbox_menu/chatbox_menu.php : upgrade : made xhtml compliant
  • request.php : not reported : repaired parsing of external download links
  • e107_admin/article.php : Bugtrack ID 750 : datestamp is updated when article updated
  • e107_admin/review.php : not reported : as above
  • e107_admin/article.php : Bugtrack ID 749 : fixed slash problem on preview
  • e107_plugins/login_menu/login_menu.php : Bugtrack ID 746 : replaced hardcoded text into language file
  • e107_themes/fiblack3d/* : upgrade : new theme, ported from original theme at 6ig.com with permission
  • e107_plugins/blogcal_menu/* : upgrade : new blog calendar plugin by CraHan, for a screenshot see here
  • e107_admin/newspost.php : upgrade : news is handled better now, new options to post news to new menu item (see below), rewrite of display code for create section
  • e107_plugins/other_news_menu/* : upgrade : new menu item, allows you to post news items to this menu instead of front page
  • e107_handlers/news_class.php : upgrade : updated to reflect above changes
  • news.php : upgrade : updated to reflect above changes
  • e107_admin/download.php : upgrade : rewrote display code for categories, hopefully a bit more simple to understand now
  • download.php : upgrade : rewrote display code for sub-categories, looks better now
  • e107_handlers/resize_handler.php : upgrade : added code sent in by unknown to pass a resized image directly to the browser instead of storing it
  • e107_admin/newspost.php : upgrade : added code to allow uploads of files and images from newspost page which can then be added to post with a single click
  • e107_admin/filemanager.php : upgrade : as above
  • e107_admin/auth.php : upgrade : as above
  • e107_handlers/login.php : upgrade : as above
  • e107_handlers/mail.php : upgrade : updated headers
  • e107_handlers/smtp.php : upgrade : made a couple of small changes, hopefully will make it a bit more reliable
  • e107_plugins/calendar_menu/calendar_menu.php : upgrade : rewrote display code, looks better now
  • e107_admin/links.php : upgrade : added code by Cameron that allows you to choose if tooltips are shown while hovering links
  • e107_handlers/sitelinks_class.php : upgrade : added code by McFly to allow you to have your sub-links in their own menu item (use LINKDISPLAY, 3 to activate)
  • class2.php : upgrade : added code to parse out a seperate query string, surround with [] to use, ie, news.php?[pref.1]10.20
  • request.php : upgrade : file can now be linked directly, ie, request.php?foobar.zip
  • links.php : Bugtrack ID 752 : links opening in mini-windows now do sotool
  • e107_admin/prefs.php : Bugtrack ID 757 : all non-alpha characters parsed out of cookie name
  • chat.php : Bugtrack ID 758 : page is inaccessable now if class restricted
  • e107_plugins/login_menu/login_menu.php : Bugtrack ID 760 : correct admin style now lined to from login menu
  • e107_plugins/chatbox_menu/chatbox_menu.php : Bugtrack ID 761 : replaced hardcoded test into lan file, error message shown when caching enabled
  • class2.php : Bugtrack ID 763 : customsignup.php can be used if member only preference turned off
  • e107_plugins/login_menu/login_menu.php : Bugtrack ID 763 : as above
  • e107_themes/templates/header_default.php : Bugtrack ID 766 : added missing type tags in stylesheet links, thanks repugnant
  • user.php : Bugtrack ID 768 : replaced hardcoded test into lan file
  • e107_admin/download.php : Bugtrack ID 771 : binary stored files are shown in dropdown list on edit, other minor fixes regarding file display
  • class2.php : Bugtrack ID 775 : added null string to text for emote parsing
  • search.php : Bugtrack ID 777 : replaced hardcoded test into lan file
  • e107_handlers/search/* : Bugtrack ID 777 : replaced hardcoded test into lan file
  • e107_plugins/login_menu/login_menu.php : Bugtrack ID 781 : not a bug as such, more of an upgrade, disabling membership no longer removes the login box from the site, it only disallows access to signup.php, so you can add users manually and still allow them to log in
  • e107_themes/templates/header_default.php : Bugtrack ID 781 : as above
  • e107_plugins/list_new/new.php : Bugtrack ID 783 : links to bugtrack items corrected (although not strictly core code)
  • class2.php : Bugtrack ID 785 : English lan files are now included after foreign lan files, no more LAN_BLAH messages!
  • e107_admin/article.php : Bugtrack ID 788 : articles now listed in correct order
  • forum_viewtopic.php : Bugtrack ID 789: replaced hardcoded test into lan file
  • e107_admin/download.php : Bugtrack ID 796 : appended text removed if no version specified
  • e107_admin/upload.php : Bugtrack ID 798 : uploaded flatfiles can now be downloaded
  • e107_handlers/functions/* : upgrade : added some functions by McFly, should be of particular use to plugin authors
  • e107_admin/users.php : upgrade : integrated Cameron's user_extended code - great job Cam, thankyou
If you have an established site you may want to hold back upgrading for a couple of days. The update has been thoroughly tested by me and four other people but better safe than sorry. I'd like to thank xtreme for giving me permission to port and release his theme, and the usual suspects McFly, Cameron, Lolo and all the others. And especially the person who gave me some extremely useful security advice over IRC. Have fun smile

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