Bug Revision #2

by admin in e107

Here's bug revision #2.

Here's bug revision #2. I'll say it one more time, if you are installing fresh the revision is already part of the main archive, there is no need to install the revision.

Here's a list of changes ...

usersetting.php : Bugtrack ID 17: extended fields now saved properly.
class2.php : bug not reported : fixed a problem with idiots using onload in chatbox posts, all other tags are removed, overlooked that one
class2.php : Bugtrack ID 16 : fixed problem with non-default langauges not being loaded properly
forum_viewforum.php : not reported : go to page text was being displayed in the wrong place
forum_post.php : not reported : found out a couple of idiots were posting threads with just spaces in the subject on e107.org, this left the thread unreachable, spaces are now stripped
forum_viewtopic.php : not a bug : recoded levels for a more realistic total and harder to reach higher level
e107_plugins/headlines_menu : not reported : missing language settings
e107_admin/content.php : reported in forum : content pages now reliably updated
e107_plugins/articles_menu/article_menu.php : not reported : old version packaged by mistake
class2.php : Bugtrack ID 21 : usertheme menu now sets cache status to false, or else people using usertheme with cache on were getting garbled themes
e107_plugins/newforumposts_menu/newforumpost_menu.php : not reported : links now replaced with text to stop table overflowing
e107_plugins/comments_menu/comments_menu.php : not reported : links now replaced with text to stop table overflowing

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