by admin in e107

You can now download the new beta, v0.600.

You can now download the new beta, v0.600. There is no upgrade script yet as this release is only intended for fresh installs, so do not consider using it if you already have an established site.
The changelog for this version can be viewed by clicking on the latest changes link in the main menu.
A few thankyous, and these are serious thankyous, because without the help of these fine people this new release would never have seen the light of day - stand up McFly, Cameron, Lolo_Irie, Chavo, Damon, Que and Jerome and take a bow.

For those of you experiencing problems being redirected to install.php, please redownload the package, upload the fixed class2.php, clear your database and run the install script again - thanks and apologies.

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