A plea

by admin in

I hate to have to moan like this but it's getting really bad now.

I hate to have to moan like this but it's getting really bad now. Every time I'm online I have maybe twenty ICQ message windows open, all with people demanding I fix something. Sometimes it's a serious problem, sometimes it's something very trivial, and normally if I have time I don't mind helping. But please, politeness doesn't cost you anything. If I haven't got time to help I will tell you and ask you to wait until I have time, or to post the problem on the forum. If you then demand I help you there and then I will block you from sending more messages to me. Also, if you message me demanding I post something you've sent me and I don't have time, again please be patient. Perry emailed me about a menu item he sent me a few days ago and politely asked if I had overlooked it, and I actually had, so I replied to him apologizing and promising to post it as soon as I had a chance. He did it the right way. Coming into my IRC channel and saying "You still haven't posted my (whatever), when are you going to do it?" will get you a mouthful, as someone found out today. Remember I have a full time job, a family, a life, e107 does not rule every minute of every day, and all it takes is some politeness and some patience. Please don't message me with silly stuff like "What's your real name?" as someone else did today, the time I have to fix the core, write the docs and maintain the site is limited, questions like that can be posted on the forum and I'm sure someone else will answer them when if I don't see them. I'm sorry if you don't agree with what I'm saying but there it is, it's getting to the stage where I'm not looking forward to getting on line ... Update Ok I just reread that and I sound really arrogant. I know by writing this portal I have to be available to users for questions etc but it's just getting really silly lately, I hope you can understand. If you have a valid question don't hesitate to contact me, but if I'm busy please be polite if I ask you to wait a while.

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