e107 v5.2

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Here's the changes ...

Here's the changes ...
- Tidied up parse routines, mainly on newspost and chatbox, this is due to the ever-present apostrophe problems - Added a small counter js script to newspost (supplied by DeViLbOi) - Made a small update to search.php to allow for non-case senstive searching (supplied by McFly) - Updated the chatbox and comments conf, some users were not being redirected properly - Updated chatbox to render links properly (url now displayed as ' - link - ' by default but this is settable from chatbox conf page in admin, this allows for the link image some people requested) - Link order gui now implemented (at last hehe) in admin/links.php - Altered display of possible forum moderators in admin/forum.php, seems a few people were confused by the listbox so I've changed it to a checkbox - Fixed plugin display on admin page (if user had more than nine plugins installed the display corrupted) - Another chatbox update, the style can be completely altered from the conf screen, if the style is defined in theme.php it will override the default settings (so a theme specific chatbox style can be defined for each theme) - Added ability through theme.php to define custom header/footer for individual pages (so you can now have one layout on index.php and another on forum.php for example) - Emoticons without a space before them will no longer be recognised, this should stop code being parsed as emotes - logging routines updated again, some users found that referals weren't being counted properly - more logging stuff, added last unique visitors as per requests, the number counted is settable from admin, only 10 will be displayed on the stats page unless an admin is visiting when the option to display all will be shown - added wrapper, the ability to 'wrap' pages inside your e107 site. Pages are configured from admin and can be resticted to logged in members - if you are having problems with magicquotes (ie newsposts etc not being entered into database or mySQL errors being displayed with apostrophes and quotes), add this line to config.php ... define("MQ", TRUE); ... this should ensure that everything is entered into the db with no hassle. If you are using a new install the line will already be in your config.php, you just need to uncomment it if you are suffering the above problems.
Download from the menu on the right, remember not to overwrite your config.php if upgrading!

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