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The question asked earlier by Interested is a totally valid one and requires more than a quick response so I'll try and address it here.

The question asked earlier by Interested is a totally valid one and requires more than a quick response so I'll try and address it here.
First, why another cms when there are a multitude of perfectly good ones already available? Well, some background is needed to answer this. I used to run a site called LS2K, and after that a site called Both these sites were very popular and maintained very high visitor stats, 2-3million/month. After I closed these sites some of the community in the Litestep world tried starting their own sites to fill the gap, and I was constantly being emailed to help out code-wise, or to provide code from the two previously mentioned sites. As both sites were purpose written it was impossible to provide code as was, so I always (begrudgingly and somewhat guiltily) turned these approaches down.
While writing the code for (which was only ever intended as a personal site), I decided to try and make the code with a more modular approach, thus being able to pass the code on if requested. e107 grew from there.
Now while trying to remain positive about other cms's, I felt at the time I started putting e107 together that some features in the most popular ones were not needed, and made the cms hard to work with and a bit intimidating at first. I've tried maybe 25 other cms's at certain stages and the only one I've ever been really impressed with is PostNuke which is a lovely piece of work. But it still didn't do what I (or other members of the Litestep community) wanted it to do. I've tried to address these (minor) failings with e107 - basic install but upgradable via plugins, easy theme structure etc. The main difference maybe concerns stability, but here's the thing - PostNuke has been in developement for years, and the author base is wide and varied. e107 has been in dev for a few months, and is coded by me. The core structure of e107 is now set, I've said recently on irc that there wouldn't be another major version release for a long time. Sure there are things that still need work but those things will be done and the script will be all the better for it. Bear in mind that v5 was just about a total rewrite, there were bound to be some bugs. But future upgrade will not mean you have to wipe your installation and start again, upgrades will be minor fixes and enhancements.
Interested, I can't give you a definitive answer. All I can say is, and this goes for everyone, give e107 a try. If you don't like it or it doesn't fulfill what you are looking for in a cms, try a different one (PostNuke maybe). If you like it stick with it.
That probably doesn't clear much up and I could've said all that in far fewer words but you know me - never use one word where 5 million will do heh.

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