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Jun ’12

jQuery to be default javascript framework of e107 v2.0

Well, it's official - e107 v2.0 will support the jQuery framework.
Quite some time ago (years?) e107 Inc. had decided to utilize prototype.js as the default framework in it's next major release - formerly known as '0.8' and more recently as v2.0. But as the months have rolled-on jQuery has clearly forged ahead to become the leading javascript framework worldwide, with a massive list of plugins to its credit. It's easy learning-curve and concise mark-up certainly make it a good match for e107.
Anyway, if any of you have been holding back from using jQuery in your plugins (perhaps due to compatibility concerns?), there's no longer any need - code away! And for those of you who still favor exclusively using prototype.js - it will still be possible to disable all the jQuery code and use prototype.js or some other framework of your choice with just the click of a button in the preferences. (be warned though, you might miss some of the cool features! )

So, spread the news and let us know your thoughts and experiences with jQuery in the comments below.

All the best,


04 Jun 2012
Nice, this is the best framework js for me!
Thank you for this good new
04 Jun 2012
That's great news! May I also suggest you consider making HTML5 the default doctype too?
04 Jun 2012
@roofdog - Perhaps this is something that should be pursued after 2.0 is release?
04 Jun 2012
Think I said everything it was to be said in another post, so I will resume myself to a 'Hip hip hooray'.
04 Jun 2012
I Glad heard it.. !
04 Jun 2012
Then I just hope that will convert the number one gallery and widget to jQuery in the future
04 Jun 2012
v.2 will have its own gallery from what I could grasp, granted not that complex, but it really doesn't need to be.
04 Jun 2012
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@Dessedk - I believe will be converting their plugins when the time comes. Although, I don't think you will need the widget, since it's basically emulating part of the v2.0 code. (feature-box for example)
05 Jun 2012
That's the best news about e107. By the way, when v2.0 will be ready?
05 Jun 2012
This is a fantastic news , I have used some jquery plugins before and the team certainly mada a good decision.

I hope to see a public beta of v. 2.0 soon!
05 Jun 2012
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@Dessedk We'll definitely move all our future work to jQuery. How to proceed with the current plugin/theme base is still on discussion level - it's a massive work to be done. We may just convert/port some of the 'most wanted' to v2 (understand with jQuery support).

Widget plugin could become jQuery related at some point - it'll just automate the JS configuration (admin UI), I believe everything else will be removed.
05 Jun 2012
  • e107 Support Team
i just started using bootstrap so i'm glad to hear this! maybe a e107 v2.0 bootstrap based theme in the future
17 Jun 2012
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Open to it!
25 Jun 2012
IMHO, is also desirable to provide an opportunity to use Google CDN (Yandex CDN for Russia) etc.
11 Jul 2012
Finally !!
Ever since you announced prototype for 0.8(2 or more years ago) that I suggested somebody with vision to check it again.
Glad someone heard it.
28 Oct 2012
  • e107 Translation Team
what does mean this modification

r12993 : 1 file modified by SecretR 1 week, 5 days, 18 hours, 22 minutes ago

[+] Comment: core JS now available only in Prototype front-end evnironment

/trunk/e107_0.8/e107_themes/templates/header_default.php (diff)
01 Nov 2012
Moving to jQuery is very good news, thank you very much!
07 Jan 2013
This is great news, jQuery is SOO much better. Should have gone down this route years ago.
03 Apr 2013
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Here are 51 jQuery plugin ideas: [-link-]

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