e107 v0.7.25 Released

06 Apr 2011 : 12:30PM
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e107 v0.7.25 is now available for download.

e107 v0.7.25 is now available for download. Upgrade instructions and more can be found on our Wiki. The full changelog can be found here. We recommend that everyone upgrades to this new release as soon as possible. Click here now to download e107 v0.7.25, either as an upgrade or full-install. There is a generic forum post for v0.7.25 to discuss. Should you discover a bug, please post it to the bugtracker.

  • A bug crept in with the setting of user classes by admins - to correct this, download this version of e107_admin/userclass.php.
  • PHP4 users will need to download this version of class2.php.
Sorry for this inconvenience, these will be corrected in the next version.