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Aug ’12
Well, as some of you may have noticed from the banners around the site - we have partnered with Arvixe - a hosting company here in the USA. Arvixe provides affordable hosting with e107 pre-installed and can have you set up with a new e107-installed site in just 5 minutes for just US$4 a month.

Why Arvixe?
Well, not only are they a big supporter of open-source software but they are an Inc 500 company and are ready to help and serve the e107 community.
I also learned today that their systems are lightening-fast with MYSQL databases running off solid-state drives as of January this year.
Many people appear to be reporting that their sites run much faster after switching to them!

You should also know that by clicking the hosting banner in the footer of this site and choosing them as your hosting provider you will also be supporting e107 Inc. toward the running costs of

Well, I'll leave it there, but if you do need hosting, please do keep it in mind.



16 Feb 2014
I use arvixe for my host and must say they are an excellent host with an exstensive range of features.

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