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Dec ’11

e107 gets a new look

As many of you would have noticed, there's been some major (over-due) changes around here.
We are very happy to finally reward the community with a new website design and a new logo.

The new logo retains some of the elements of the 'old cube' which we made-do with for many years, while adding some new elements.
It will be different for everyone, but personally, I like the 'expansion' aspect that it portrays - which I believe is fitting for the e107 CMS. There is another aspect which I find interesting in the logo, and that is that if you take each curved element, or combine, rotate some of them, etc. you could actually make something which resembles 'e107'. Maybe one day we'll animate this, because I'm sure I'm not explaining it very well. Comment to let me know if you see it.

As you will have noticed, we have also changed our version numbering. Some believed e107 was still in beta, due to the '0.7.x' format, and for some time we have planned to change this (when the time was right), as e107 is certainly mature and stable enough to be a 'v1.0'. Consequently, what was known as v0.8, will now be known as v2.0, and yes, we do still have plans to release that soon.

In version 1.0 of e107 we have introduced a new theme called 'core' which will be the default for new installations, and retired 'reline'.
"Core" also includes a reworked admin-theme, which takes a little getting used to (for those who were using Jayya) but we have grown to prefer it's layout and navigation, and we hope you do too.

The installation routine of e107 has also been reworked inside and out. (thanks to Daniel)

We hope you like the new design of It actually combines content of what was previously four separate sites:,, and
Yes, I have finally retired the old site, which will be left online for legacy value (forums etc). There simply weren't enough hours in the day to maintain that old site, and for some years now I have dreamed of having everything combined together on as your see it now. As well as the plugins which were at - all the 0.7 plugins from have been imported also (about 350 of them - with dupes removed) as well as over 100,000 user accounts. (doing our best to avoid duplicates there too). So, if you had an account over there, you now have one here.

So many changes have been made, I'm sure I've missed something. But I'd like to close here in saying that all the many changes you observe before you now would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our development and design team. In particular, Miro, Stoev, Deso, Vesko and our new junior developer Daniel.

Thank you guys - you're all geniuses in your fields!

Anyway, here's to a great 2012 ahead for e107 and it's community.



28 Dec 2011
  • e107 Design Team Leader
Yeah, baby!
28 Dec 2011
  • e107 Support Team Leader
So the old v0.7X is now v1.0, I'm pleased that's cleared that up for me

I'll need to spend a bit of time getting to know the expanded bbcode editor

Onward and Upward guys
28 Dec 2011
  • e107 Site administrator
  • e107 Core developer
  • e107 Translation Team Leader
I have to get used to the new look; and find out where my previous commonly visited spots are now... Congratulations on the new look!
28 Dec 2011
Congratulations on the new look.
28 Dec 2011
AWESOME JOB on the new design, support, business plan, and future of e107. Thank you for all the hard work and time.

28 Dec 2011
I second that.

Well done for moving this on.

28 Dec 2011
Congratulations on the new look. A massive improvement.
28 Dec 2011
love the "new" website and look. ive been a E107 "fan" since 0.6 and i have to say this CMS gets better and better! Just updating my website(s) but keep up the great work your all doing


29 Dec 2011
As "pretty" as the new is, it's extremely sluggish. I'm afraid to upgrade my sites to 1.0.0 from 0.7.26 due to this, as it's not evident whether it's due to the theme or core changes. :/

Also, since you're trying to look like a more "mature" project with the new versioning, perhaps you should link to release notes and changelogs from the download page?

(Personally, I would have bumped the version by simply removing the 0 at the start and moving it to the end. 0.7.27 would have become "7.27" rather than "1.0", confusing people less and lending more maturity to the version number.)

And, finally, where is the proper place to report bugs with the new I couldn't find a forum thread for such before I ran out of patience waiting for the forum pages to load.
[ edited 29 Dec 2011 ]
29 Dec 2011
@lewellyn; send you a PM
29 Dec 2011
I can see that this you're just getting started - awesome.
29 Dec 2011
I very much welcome with joy, a surprise for me. with this I believe the e017 would be a leader for the other cms !
29 Dec 2011
Really Awesome! Thanks to All Developers!
30 Dec 2011
31 Dec 2011
  • e107 Support Team
Cameron is right.
Applying the new graphics (theme) threw e107 into 2012, and it's looking good.
31 Dec 2011
  • e107 Translation Team
Wonderful, great job of designers and development team!
I am proud to be part of the community!
Happy Birthday 1.0 and 2.0!
01 Jan 2012
One word - Awesome!
04 Jan 2012
When I woke up today, I checked my mail on my phone to receive a message that e107 version 1.0 is here. I got out of bed with a smile! I'm usually grumpy in the morning.

You made my day!
05 Jan 2012
Well done gents! Wauw.

After years of complaining about the design mash and dirty code, looking at this new design (today for the first time, looks like the password reset function is working again ^^) is just a very welcome surprise. Calling it v.1.0 is another suprise (suggested that on the Linked group more then a year ago).

I wish the e107 team a normal 2012, because with this stunning redesign there isn't much more to wish for!
06 Jan 2012
  • e107 Main site administrator
  • e107 Core developer
  • e107 Design Team
Good day sir, I'm glad to see you around
I'm glad to read those kind words from one of the most talented designers around...
Have a good time in 2012.
08 Jan 2012
  • e107 Documentation Team
Miro - well done guys, just absolutely well done!
15 Jan 2012
thanks guys have a good 2012
15 Jan 2012
Crikey, I disappear for a few months and you spring this on me

Congratulations to all involved, this looks absolutely gorgeous. I really had to do a double-take when I first arrived, I thought I'd ended up in the wrong place.

Hugely impressed.
19 Jan 2012
Is this the old news section redesigned, or is this an actual Blog plugin?

Looks nice,


19 Jan 2012
  • e107 Support Team Leader
Well if you look at the URL it says - yes it's a blog plugin
07 Feb 2012
Hey guys, really nice to see e107 alive and well. I can't believe it's been seven years since I started using the CMS. Congratulations on the overhaul, and keep up the good work.
07 Feb 2012
Well done all. E107 has now expanded past my meager skills so I won't be much use. Glad to see E107 really blossom again well done.
23 Feb 2012
I believe that e107 has a huge potentials that are just waiting to be lunched someday. I hope v1 is the first step to show how much power e107 has.
26 Mar 2012
Long Live E107......
13 May 2012
Are there any plans to release the blog plugin used here at e107. I'd love to use it!

Keep up the great work, e107-devs!

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