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Aug ’13

Nominated for the People’s Choice for best Open Source CMS awards!

As of yesterday, I am extremely excited to announce that e107 has been nominated as one out of the five nominees for the People’s Choice for best Open Source CMS award.

As this particular category is the most popular one in the entire Critic’s Choice CMS awards, it truly shows that the tremendous effort by both the e107 team and the entire community has produced outstanding results with plenty of opportunities for further improvement and growth over the upcoming years.

With great appreciation towards the community, e107 is asking you to prepare for the voting round, which commences on the 1st of September 2013. Be sure to vote for e107, so it will win the award! This will result in increased awareness and popularity.

Once again, thank you community! Let’s continue working hard to improve e107 even further. Not just as a (very powerful) content management system but also - equally important - as a community project.


25 Aug 2013
Delighted with the results. I can not wait to be able to help with my vote, with donations and with the suggestions in this fantastic project in which I firmly believe.
Keep it up guys!
26 Aug 2013
  • e107 Documentation Team
Excellent news indeed Looking forward to us taking a trophy! Too bad we're not competing with because that one is without a doubt a giant leap forward!
26 Aug 2013
Our system is definitely going to be in front of everyone! Overtake and surpass the competition!
01 Sep 2013
  • e107 Support Team
Voting ( 2 sept. 2013) is open : [-link-]
02 Sep 2013
  • e107 Site administrator
  • e107 Core developer
  • e107 Translation Team Leader
My vote has been submitted!
02 Sep 2013
  • e107 Documentation Team
C'est fait! Het is gedaan!
04 Sep 2013
10 Sep 2013
Plus one, in the treasury e107

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