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Mar ’13

More e107 v2 screenshots

More screenshots from the upcoming e107 v2

(Click to Enlarge)

Media-Manager : Avatars

Admin login page

Admin login page with Qaptcha plugin

Media-Manager popup: Selection tab

Media-Manager popup: Upload tab

Can't wait for the official release? No problem - Grab the zip from Github now!


21 Mar 2013
Looks awesome!
22 Mar 2013
23 Mar 2013
I can wait for the v2.0
24 Mar 2013
  • e107 Documentation Team
Fantastic work fellas, I can't wait to see v2.0 out for general release!
25 Mar 2013
Looks great, looking forward to it!
27 Mar 2013
Yes.. i like it.. looks great... can't wait for v2.0.. Thanks to e107 Dev ....
01 Apr 2013
It's time to get rid of the spaghetti code
01 Apr 2013
Absolutely! I encourage you check out the new code and you'll see that the core code has become much cleaner so far but there is still loads of work to be done
As we're now on Github, you are free to submit pull-requests so everyone can contribute as well!
[ edited 01 Apr 2013 ]
02 Apr 2013
I dont like so much the dark theme, but as it is made in bootstrap, it will be easily changed.
nice work !
02 Apr 2013
@dolphin713: There are two admin stylesheets at this point: one for the dark theme and one for the light theme. The dark one is used by default on a clean install (currently) and with just 2-clicks (well, 3) you can change back to the light theme.
I personally prefer the light theme as well. We'll see how it goes. For now the dark one is used by default but depending on the feedback we receive, the light one might end up as being used by default when we get closer to the stable stages.

As for Bootstrap; yes, exactly! It is very flexible so changes can be easily made.

Feel free to try out the latest ZIP from Github and let us know what you think: [-link-]

[ edited 02 Apr 2013 ]
05 Apr 2013
looks awesome cant wait for it...

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