e107v0.602 / Revision #1

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Here's a small ( mainly bugfix ) revision ...

Here's a small ( mainly bugfix ) revision ...
usersettings.php : reported via email : location is now formtpa'd to protect placenames with special characters
e107_handlers/search/search_users.php : requested via email : location now searched
user.php : Bugtrack ID 195 : link to edit user info not shown if correct perms not found
class2.php : Bugtrack ID 193 : classes now correctly parse admin
e107_plugins/online_extended_menu/online_extended_menu.php : Bugtrack ID 191 : tidied paths
e107_admin/admin.php : not reported : plugins with no conf file will not show uo in plugins panel
e107_admin/plugin.php : upgrade : userclass can now be defined and created/deleted from plugin manager
e107_admin/newspost.php : Bugtrack ID 197 : delete icon in newsposts works again - NO CONFIRM - BE CAREFUL!
e107_plugins/alt_news/alt_news.php : Bugtrack ID 205 : cats now displayed properly
e107_admin/download.php : Bugtrack ID 206 : paths not falsely prepended anymore
e107_admin/header.php : upgrade : main js and css now loaded in admin section
e107_files/e107.js : upgrade : calendar widget incorporated
e107_files/e107.css : upgrade : elements added for calendar widget and mozilla compatibility
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