e107 v0.548beta

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Just an interim bugfix release really ...

Just an interim bugfix release really ...
[ themes/templates/header_default.php ] - removed all forum pages from caching routines, was messing with certain things - altered the search custom template function for clarity [ class2.php ] - fixed annoying LAN_301 message on incorrect password in login box - member list in login menu wasn't wrapping properly - thanks McFly for reporting this - fixed small regexp bug in check_class function - thanks again to McFly - changed referance from index.php to news.php in update_cache routine [ print.php ] - removed the template function that was showing up - thansk JOL for reporting this [ plugins/chatbox.php ] - rewrote template functions for speed and efficiency [ classes/news_class.php ] - changed link from index to news - thanks to Gary for pointing this out - gah! some code I added to the textparse class to correctly render slashes messed up the newspost preview, I'll think of another way to do it [ admin/wmessage.php ] - updated for design purposes [ admin/newspost.php | forum_post.php | usersettings.php | admin/custommene.php | admin/ugflag.php ] - tidy up [ admin/filemanager.php ] - a couple small alterations sent to me by Edwin - thankyou! - "it makes sure that the uploaded files are -rw-r--r-- So you can actually access them with apache when it runs under another user. My problem was that the files created read by user weren't able to be downloaded untill I did a chmod on the server by hand." [ *lan.php ] - lots of updated lan files sent to me - thankyou to Michel, Wyrm, Purcaru Ionut and everyone who posted in the Translations forum on e107.org - you're all superstars. [ languages/laguages.zip ] - all non-default langauges are now in a single compressed file to save on download and upload times

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