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Here's an interesting one.

Here's an interesting one. Joël Bernier sent me what looks like a really nice app for managing languages/translations but as my Debian box needs some work I can't test it out. Anyway here's what Joël says ... "I leave to use the portal e107 for site Our association is specialized in the translation of free software documentations. I work currently on the improvement of the management of languages of e107. I brought changes in the file of installation and in files of language management. For the installation I added the management of the choice of the language of the user-interface. For the management of files languages I made a script that generated from the English file the new files languages. This script examines variables that are already translated and when they are not it, the script adds the English variable by default to translate. It avoided when one uses a file language that is not translated in complete to have to the display: LAN_200 for example. Made me to know if you are interested by this script and by the translation of the file language French. I send you the script and the file generated for the French language. Use of the script : 'make_files_LAN' It is only necessary to copy it in the /languages directory to execute him. I will like to participate in the improvement of translations." Please leave feedback for this if you try it. Link: plugins

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