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Tres`Ni has updated his Weather plugin ...

Tres`Ni has updated his Weather plugin ... "Well, let's see: %TEMP% is still there but depreciated. In its place are %TEMP_F%, %TEMP_C%, and %TEMP_K% (someone wanted Kalvin, don't know why..) Also there is %WIND_CRD% which gives a rough guestimation on which direction the wind is coming from (It does N, S, E, W and the crosses on those NE, SE, ect. It doesn't do NNE or any of the 3 letter cardinals..) PHP support works (example in the Readme). It uses output buffering so you can freely use things like echo or print and it will not break the tables (I've tried). Only requirement is you have to put tags around any PHP code and you can't make the PHP print out any HTML that needs quotes (it will throw errors or do nothing).. addslashes doesn't work cause it would addslashes to places that you don't need it to so.. I think it's a good middle ground though.." The next version of v5.05 will allow you to set a longer weather string, at the moment you're restricted to 250 characters, when I release v5.05 it'll be unrestricted. Download here.

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