McFly v1.0

Description:A theme released on this very special day as a tribute to that great minimalist themer McFly!

While not as minimalist as a typical McFly theme, it is certainly on the lean side; it concentrates on simplicity, making no pretence of any aesthetic merit whatsoever.

An ideal theme to encourage only visitors with no taste to your site - should also help contain your hosting costs, since the unusual colour scheme is likely to drive away all but the most persistent (or desperate) of visitors.

Its been used in Firefox without any blatant problems coming to light. No effort whatsoever has been expended in making it incompatible with Internet Explorer, so it may even work - but why would you want it to?

Overall, a clear demonstration of why theming should be left to the experts.
Released:31 Mar 2009 : 11:51PM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher