Creating an e107 theme

Overriding Core Templates

  • All templates that are used in e107 can be overridden by copying them into specific folders within your current theme folder. 
  • Core themes (located in e107_core/templates/ ) should be copied into e107_themes/YOURTHEME/templates/ 
  • Plugin templates should be copied into e107_themes/YOURTHEME/templates/PLUGIN-FOLDER
    Note: Older plugins may look for templates in the root folder of your theme. ie. e107_theme/YOURTHEME/  

Some examples to illustrate this:
1) The comment template is a core template, as it is located in e107_core/templates/. To override this template, copy the file to e107_themes/your_theme_folder/templates/.

2) The news template is located in e107_plugins/news/. To override this template, copy the file over to e107_themes/your_theme_folder/templates/news/.

3) The same for, for example, the chatbox menu template. The chatbox_menu template is located in e107_plugins/chatbox_menu. Copy the template over to e107_themes/your_theme_folder/templates/chatbox_menu/

Important: For overriding plugin templates, the folder name within your_theme_folder/templates/ directory must match the exact plugin folder name. 

Sunday 27 March 2016 - 12:45:35 Tijn Kuyper,

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