Developing Plugins, Themes and Custom Scripts with e107.


Your code should not produce any PHP warnings or notices during normal use. This primarily implies that all variables must be defined before being used. It also implies that a corrupted installation may produce errors, although as far as practicable the code should accommodate this. Many PHP notices can be avoided by using the functions vartrue() and varset().

We recommend this collection of Firefox Addons. The most important being the e107 Debugger. If you don't wish to use the debugger, you can still activate various debugging modes manually, by changing the query string of the url. ie. directly after .php? add [debug=xxxx]

Query Description
[debug=basic+] Display basic error information
[debug=notice+] Display PHP Notices.
[debug=warning+] Display PHP Warnings.
[debug=time+] Display load/processing times
[debug=sql+] Display SQL info.
[debug=-] Disable debugging. 

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