I won't put up with this shit anymore

by admin in

e107.org has been up for a year and a half.

e107.org has been up for a year and a half. In that time, the server has been hacked, people have attempted to reset my password on over 50 occasions, nearly 300 people have attempted to reset the core. The banlist table is full of addresses of people who've tried to mess with the site in one way or another. And last night I was mailbombed. No big deal, it's happened before, just create a rule and divert all the mails into the deleted folder. It's the message contained in the email thats really fucking pissed me off. It warns of big trouble ahead for e107.org. It says the only way I can avoid it is by posting some stupid fucking message on the site. Well here's a message back to you, the fucking sad lonely idiot with nothing better to do and no friends who posted it - FUCK YOU. I'll close the site, I'll pass the project onto whoever fucking wants it, I'm sick of my hosts, who through their own generousity host me for free, having their servers attacked. I've already told them that if anything happens, delete the whole fucking site and the database. I really don't need this sort of shit at this time in my life. e107 was started as a community project, not a place where these sad fucking 'people' can make my life a misery. If there are no more posts here or the site disappears you'll know why. Update I just got mailbombed again. While my email client was busy downloading and deleting his emails, I got to thinking about this. I mean, how sad can this kid be? I can just imagine him sitting there, playing with himself over his kiddie porn, feeling quite pleased with himself, what a total loser smile Honestly, you should have seen his message, he thinks he's in a Mission Impossible film, all this "YOU MUST DO THIS" and "IF YOU WISH TO CONTACT US LEAVE A MESSAGE IN A NEWS POST, WE WILL SEE IT". This is a minor website you fool, not fucking NASA or something. You think anyone's lfe will change if the site goes down? Yeah maybe a few people will be a bit sad for a few days but that's is, it's s fucking website, not a life and death matter. Now maybe you should think about growing up a bit, maybe doing something constructive instead of trying to look cool to people who know a lot more than you do.

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