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No seraph, it's not released yet ...

No seraph, it's not released yet ...
Just to let you know what it is. I get two or three emails a week asking for site code, normally along the lines of "Hey man ls.net rox0red! Can I have the code please I wanna start my own site" etc etc. Now while I dont mind at all and am secretly flattered heh, I do feel a bit guilty when all I can do is send a standard reply like "sorry but I dont have the code and it wasn't really suitable for a personal site anyway" so here's what I thought I'd do. I've coded a self installing website suitable for personal use. It's no PHP-Nuke but it's not meant to be - choice is what it's all about smile So e107 (as these scripts are called) will install a basic website that gives you a frontpage along with a chatbox, and the means to log into an admin section and post news etc (and a few other things). It's totally themeable and I've prepared five themes so far that will go into the finished product. The plan now is to code and release plugins as they're requested, so maybe if there is something you'd like in a website you could let me know. I'll be releasing the zip tomorrow, I've been testing it for a few days now and it seems to be working pretty damn ok. For a peek at the default theme in action take a look at [morph]-un2-cravecave's site http://junktion.razorsys.com, this is the exact site you'll get (minus content of course) if you install the script. Keep tuned.
Oh yeah, if you want to see what one of the other themes looks like take a look here, I hope dreamer doesn't mind smile

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