e107 v5.4 beta 5

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Here are the changes ...[forum_post.php]

Here are the changes ...
[forum_post.php] - tidied up the javascript addtext function [admin/newspost.php] - same as above file - altered to allow direct edit link from front page [index.php] - now shows links under every news item to allow you to edit or delete them - to activate this feature you must use the template function in your theme.php [classes/news_class.php] - altered to implement above changes - implemented private news items (news shown according to class) [admin/meta.php] - now doesn't corrupt core [admin/chatbox_conf.php] - now doesn't corrupt core [plugins/chatbox.php] - now uses correct theme bullet and not default [themes/templates/header_default.php] - languages incorporated - thanks to Cameron for this [admin/links.php] - Camerons has added the description to the non-main links [plugins/chatbox.php] - fixed admin link path/image path bugs, based on code sent by Cameron [admin.htmlarea directory | admin/article.php | admin/content.php | admin/newspost.php] - wysiwyg editor integrated [admin/newspost.php] - removed buggy char counter [classes/search_forum.php] - results now point to correct link - thanks to Arach for pointing this out
There are a lot of other small bugfixes that I forgot to post to the changelog so if something was messed up before it might be ok now. Download from the menu on the right over there ->

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