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I\'ve just walked in from work.

I\'ve just walked in from work. My wife is on her way home with the kids, fifteen minutes to sit down with a cup of tea, check my emails and flick through the forums. Wish I hadn\'t bothered. Forget tea and get vodka out of cupboard, pour myself a large one. Try to remember why I\'m doing this, begins with the letter \'F\' but I\'m fucked if I can remember it ... wait ... it\'s coming to me ... FUN! Yes! That was it! Fun!
I was thinking a few days ago when I first tried PHPNuke a year or so ago, I didn\'t have any plans to use it but as a coder you check other people\'s work. I installed it, had a few minor problems that I fixed with minimal effort. Messed around with it for a few days, decided (and this is meant as no disrespect to the developers) that it wasn\'t something that really appealed to me. I removed it from my test server and left it at that.
Fast forward a few months. I downloaded PostNuke and installed it. I was very impressed although I still found it unnecessarily complicated and too full of stuff I\'d never want or need in a website. But anyone who comes into #e107 on a regular basis will know that I have always recommended it, not least because a friend of mine works on (or used to) maintaining the PN website.
Now do you see a slight difference there? PHPNuke - didn\'t like it much, I left it at that. PostNuke, I thought it was very good, so I tell people I thought it was very good. I didn\'t go straight to the PHPNuke website after I\'d come to my conclusions about it spouting what shit it was (it isn\'t) and how if fucked my computer up (it didn\'t) but do you see the point I\'m trying to make?
The comments left mainly on the chatbox are extremely hurtful. Just because you\'re posting a message doesn\'t mean there wont be a consequence to anyone. I\'m really upset. My2Cents, I\'m sorry you\'re not impressed and e107 didn\'t work very well for you. I did my best to test it and it installed fine for me on my three test servers. I\'d recommend PostNuke for you, it sounds like you\'re tried it and it was more stable for you so maybe you should go back to using that.
I can\'s say much more than that at the moment.

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