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Patrick has come up with a little gem here.

Patrick has come up with a little gem here. It's a tiny executable program called e107 Custom Page Creator, type in your content and it will create the code to integrate the text seamlessly into e107...

"I had trouble making custom pages awhile ago, and I'm sure many other people do. So I've threw this small, but handy, program together. All's you have to add is the table title and the content you wish to be on the page, press a button, and bam, the page is created! You're given an option to copy the generated page to the clipboard, or to save the code as a .php file. Now for another great thing, you can use normal HTML, there's no need to add all those extra /'s with the use of a little different code, and with no errors, it's so much easier to make custom pages for your site, and still have the power of e107 backing you up!

Remember, simply slap your information in, press the Generate Code button, save the newly created code as a .php file, and upload it to the main directory of your e107 script, add a link to the page, and voila!"

It really is a wonderful little piece of work - thankyou Patrick!

Download it here.

Update Patrick sent me the latest version (v1.04) that allows you to enter either HTML or PHP, also has shortcut tags for alignment and text decoration etc. Same download link as above.

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