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The biggest change in this version is multi-language options ...

The biggest change in this version is multi-language options ... - Updated cookie routines (again) - Fixed security hole in user logins (thanks nalenb) - que updated the nextprev class (small xhtml issue) - Fixed the "Logged in ADMINNAME" when logging into admin in the e107 theme - /admim/menus.php rewritten (again), seems it's still confusing a lot of people, hopefully this format is a bit simpler - New e107 button - Added php and mysql buttons to e107 theme - Language support started, English language file in place and all neccessary updates made to core files to allow other languages. Option added on prefs page to change site language. - Another small change in theme.php - REALLY SORRY!. If you are using your own or a modified theme please read the CHANGES.txt for details on how to update your theme (Thanks to eTron for pointing this bug out) - Thanks to nalenb for this one - he made the necessary updates to show replied to threads first in forum - many thanks Bill - Fixed small bug that allowed you to update your user settings with a blank password - Added news_url to default themes (don't know how that got lost ...) - thanks to Thermo for pointing this out - Small change to get_count class by que - Headlines fixed - Logging in as a user will now log you in as an admin if usernames are the same English is the only language on offer at the moment, please if you are a e107 user who's first language isn't English would you consider translating the language file - I've had a few people offer in the past so hopefully we'll start getting some language files together soon. You will find the English language file in the languages directory. Please also note the small change to your theme.php, if you don't change it the extended funtion won't work. Important! You need to run upgrade.php if you are upgrading.

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