Black n White v1.1

Description:This is my first Theme released to public. And im very proud of it too.
This got a fine list of unique items and stuff, and i want to share that list. Here it is:
- 2 Fixed menus on the right side of the website (Will show same content on whe whole page, "floating")
- Ive never seen a News page like this, this got alot of information about the news, and also 2 unique shortcode modifications
- Ive made a new Navigation shortcode. This one includes a Dropdown menu and the Admin configurations. You can use the Link Configurations with this theme. And the Link description, path, name and more will popup when hovering the link.
- Fixed login / members information. This is a very easy way to logout, signup, login, go to settings or profile.

I will thank Richard Perry for his GreyCube Custom Login code, and Steve Dunstan [jalist] and William Moffett for the Navigation codes (Something i modified hard)

This theme got its own style in a way, and its also use jQuery alot.
When it comes to code compliance (CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP). There are 0 errors, and is 100% working on all browsers!

This got a easy image set, background 4 is used on much, since its a secure way to use transparency without CSS errors and bugs!
This theme is officialy tested on: Opera, FireFox and IE. But the code is made as flexible as possible.

This is the list of the themes functions and addons:
- Dropdown Navigation
- Inthemed login / signup
- 7 menus (Yes, 7..)
- Banner, title and logo placed and working.
(To activate Title / Tag, you need to open the theme.php and remove the ";/* and ";*/)
- Navigation information
- Unique News Page

Im sure i forgot something, but post something here if you want something to be changed, added or removed!