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Bad Plugin List

Warning: The Bad Plugin List has been dissolved. I have a backup copy on my computer. While I respect that the community needs this, things were handled poorly on my departure so I've decided against ...
septor - May 23 2011, 05:00PM
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Last-Reply: Gary S
Dec 22 2013, 08:48AM
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If you require e107 hosting

Please see this blog: [-link-]...
CaMer0n - Aug 16 2012, 12:32AM
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Last-Reply: C6Dave
Aug 18 2012, 08:55AM
Sticky Thread

How To: Recover from being hacked.

If your site has been compromised this is what you should do. As in RIGHT NOW.Clean your computer (anti-malware/virus scans). This will ensure your information hasn't been gained by keylogging program...
septor - Nov 28 2010, 02:56PM
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Last-Reply: C6Dave
Dec 10 2010, 07:53AM
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What to do if you come across an unpatched exploit

If there's an outstanding exploit you either find or come across, this is what you do:Contact us via our contact form - Include all information there is on it, if you have a workaround or patch feel f...
streaky - Oct 10 2006, 09:36AM
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You should upgrade to version 1.0.2 which was released October 2012 before posting on any errors you have. This is now the version that is supported.If you have seen a question come up multiple times ...
steved - Aug 31 2006, 02:45PM
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Download Failed Login Attempts?

Have poked around a bit and can't seem to find a plugin or method that would allow an admin to download (ether text or XLS) the failed login attempts list. This would really help in trying to detect ...
RCurtis - Apr 13 2014, 09:37AM
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Last-Reply: nlstart
Apr 17 2014, 04:28AM

Auto Delete Old Private Messages

I remember at one point I was able to delete old Private Messages in my database, and I thought it was an option or plug-in inside of e107.The reason I am asking is because at one point, I performed a...
Liquid_Squelch - Apr 11 2014, 10:37AM
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Different CSS stylesheet for different pages

I've edited my theme.php page to create a custom page using the following lines$CUSTOMHEADER ['intropage'] = "...$CUSTOMFOOTER ['intropage'] = "...$CUSTOMPAGES ['intropage'] = "page.php?42";What I wan...
AndyP - Apr 10 2014, 04:58AM
Replies: 2
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Last-Reply: Tgtje
Apr 10 2014, 06:42AM

Annoying line space above page content

Whenever I edit or create a new page I get a line space above the content when using Custom Menus/Pages. After looking at the html of the page it would appear that e107 automatically puts <div> ...
AndyP - Apr 10 2014, 02:25AM
Replies: 1
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Last-Reply: Jimako
Apr 10 2014, 02:51AM

Banner Problem

I'm having an issue when I update banners on my site, the banner name has to stay the same as this is used for people to copy code to place on their own sites etc, when I update the banner even though...
ellandwmc - Apr 08 2014, 06:42AM
Replies: 2
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Last-Reply: Tgtje
Apr 09 2014, 12:53PM

section order in header_default template [solved]

Hi, is there any reason why are section in header_default template organize this way?C: Send start of HTML (first meta tags)D: Send JSE: Send CSSF: Send Meta Tags and Icon links (second meta tag...
Jimako - Apr 07 2014, 12:53AM
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Last-Reply: Moc
Apr 07 2014, 03:28AM

How to: Making a similar thing like downloads

I'm trying to make on my localhost a videoviewer. Even so, i have many videos what i want sort out. For e.g.:Video category 1 - First episode --> hiperlink to the video for e.g.: page.php?5 - Seco...
Rinner - Apr 06 2014, 09:10AM
Replies: 2
Views: 64
Last-Reply: Jimako
Apr 07 2014, 12:50AM
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Double post prevention

I'm starting to get really annoyed by people double posting on my forum ( someone have any tip for me how I can prevent this? Maybe by tweaking some code to block dou...
SparkyRih - Oct 20 2012, 07:59AM
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Replies: 34
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Last-Reply: Moc
Apr 05 2014, 07:15AM

Is my site infected?

My site: loading this site in Background: grupopran.comthis site also: [-link-]How to fix it i have the latest e107 Version1.0.4. also this: [-link-] and this: [-link-] loading different...
Tansas - Mar 24 2014, 10:31AM
Replies: 3
Views: 123
Last-Reply: Tansas
Mar 26 2014, 04:18AM

Filemanager.php - file order

When I upload files via admin using the filemanager.php file, after they've been uploaded the page lists the files in ascending order by file name. Is it possible for them to be displayed by date Last...
AndyP - Mar 23 2014, 02:26PM
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different theme only for one plugin [solved]

Hi, I need to put right direction how to solve this. I have site with its theme, but for one of its plugin I need to use completly different theme. I tried to look for solution, but found only link ...
Jimako - Mar 22 2014, 03:11AM
Replies: 2
Views: 73
Last-Reply: Jimako
Mar 22 2014, 09:04AM

Lots of 403 errors, when creating pages, or downloads

Hi all,I use the latest v1 versionI randomly get 403 errors, this happens when creating a page.. well when updating a page.This also happens when creating downloads with external links..I think it has...
pd5dj - Mar 21 2014, 02:13PM
Replies: 1
Views: 91
Last-Reply: Tgtje
Mar 22 2014, 07:37AM


Hi boys several days ago my sites no longer load [-link-] can enter the FTP and work with my files but I still hope you can get is going to help me, any idea what happens?...
el chino - Mar 21 2014, 04:49PM
Replies: 2
Views: 51
Last-Reply: Moc
Mar 22 2014, 03:06AM

Adding required field to newspost

For the e107 website I'm currently working on I would like to add a couple of required fields when posting news so that the user doesn't leave it blank by mistake.How would I add a required field to t...
AndyP - Mar 20 2014, 08:40AM
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Getting 302 Error --- Tried lots, failed lots lol

As per the title I am getting a 302 error....Fresh install of v1.0.4 only 1 custom plugin which it was working fine with...PHP 5.4Host - 1&1 (I host several e107 sites with 1and1 with no probs)The...
inebriated - Mar 19 2014, 10:20AM
Replies: 6
Views: 74
Last-Reply: Moc
Mar 20 2014, 02:25AM

News item deleted by accident

I've deleted a news item by accident is there any way I can get this back?...
ellandwmc - Mar 16 2014, 04:19PM
Replies: 1
Views: 65
Last-Reply: Tgtje
Mar 17 2014, 01:32AM
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No Image with Image-code verification

I've done a bit of digging, but no luck with any of the suggestions I've seen so far. I have image-code verification turned on for signup and lost password, but the image is not appearing. When I vi...
EzySetup - Aug 09 2011, 09:02PM
Replies: 17
Views: 3017
Last-Reply: Tgtje
Mar 16 2014, 11:21AM
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My Website is Suspended cause of 'comment.php'

Dear All, Devs and FellowPlease your help and advice here...My website [-link-] being supended by My Hosting Provider, the cause is excessive use of server resources.My e107 version = ...
fahmineo - Feb 25 2014, 01:48AM
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Last-Reply: fahmineo
Mar 15 2014, 09:30PM

Help with Forum RSS

Hi,I'm trying to enable the RSS Feeds plugin so that my visitors can optionally get an RSS feed from the forum. The problem is, I'm not sure how to set these variables in the config form..{Type}.{Top...
stevew - Mar 13 2014, 11:07PM
Replies: 2
Views: 64
Last-Reply: stevew
Mar 15 2014, 09:13PM

SMF/phpBB Import Issues

Hi,I've run a SMF forum for many years at [-link-].I've played with E107 (and many other forums/CMS) for many years as I love to test software and have always loved the way E107 works. Finally, I've d...
Skhilled - Mar 15 2014, 07:29PM
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