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Name   AACGC PS3 Stats
AACGC PS3 Stats plugin uses the API code from PS3 Heros website and allows users to enter their login name and have their PS3 stats and info displayed.

*Extended User Field Required*

Added Jan 06, 2009:
Reorganized admin layout
Added option to enable forums stats
forum stats show avatar, name, total trophies, total platinium, gold, silve, and bronze instead of link to user's stats page.
reoganized PS3 member list page
added option to name PS3 List page.

Added Feb. 28th, 2010:
Fixed total trophy count issue

Added March 19th, 2010:
Option to show PS3 Stats in Profiles
Profile stats show PS3 avatar, name, trophies:(platinium, gold, silver, bronze, & total count).
Author   M@CH!N3
Date   Thursday 01 April 2010 - 21:21:21
Category Games & Entertainment
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