Name   EasyHours
The EasyHours plugin enables a time writing solution for small or midsized companies that use e107 as their intranet or class restricted extranet.

EasyHours features:
- Admin definable activities/customers/projects/public holidays/work schedules
- Monthly hour writing administration for employees
- Print hour sheets as PDF
- Fuel administration for employees
- Refunds administration for employees
- Company car overview for employees
- Holiday overview for employees
- Enter holidays for employees (optionally to be approved)
- Future holiday overview for managers
- Integrated default e107 template usage
- Admin Area: sort and search functionality on employees
- Admin Area: open/close months for hour entries
- Approved holidays are automatically generated in new opened month.
- Admin Area: export to Excel
- Admin Area: create corrections / audit trail on hours registration
- Admin Area: send reminder by e-mail to all employees that did not complete their hour administration yet.
Author   nlstart
Date   Monday 23 January 2012 - 07:19:08
Category Intranet & Groupware
Size 452Kb
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EasyHours v1.3
EasyHours v1.3EasyHours v1.3