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Sep 16 2011, 05:00AM
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Hello e107 community

I have now installed the new version of 0.7.26.
Even before the old version 0.7.25 was installed.
So I had downloaded the upgrade package from of German.
Because we are a German community, and we
English is not so powerful. I'm first
to the problem, why did I open this Tread:

In the administration there is always a message when
A new version of the e107 Content Management System
available. Now have the new version and geupdated
Nevertheless, the message does not disappear, even though
everything now is currently up to date.

This is in my administration:


e107 v0.7.26 Download from
Highly Recommended Security Update
(View changelog View Release Notes)
learn more


Information pages:

Page Name
ĜαмєяZ σƒ Đєѕтяυćтιση

main administrator

version 0.7.26

security Level
[5] Balanced

Theme pages
dragon head

Admin Theme
Jayya v1.0

installation date
Thursday, November 11th 2010 - 19:43:25

Current server time
Fri, September 16, 2011 13:55:39 +0200

Apache/2.2.16 (Ubuntu)

PHP version
5.3.3-7 + squeeze3

Database: homepage



Our website is:


Would be glad if someone help me with this problem
could be because so far I have not yet found the problem myself.


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Sep 16 2011, 05:56AM
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Hi there !

Don't worry. I saw the same thing. Its harmless.
You're looking at cached information. It will disappear by it self.
The information you are seeing is taken from whenever an (main) admin visits the admin part of the site. This information is cached and renewed every 24 hours.

A solution might be:
Remember: when updating your site: flush your cache !
Admin => Cache => Emty cache.
The file will be thrown away - no more message
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Sep 16 2011, 06:03AM
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Thank you.
My problem was solved ^^
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