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Plugin Development Group

e107pdg has been dissolved. This thread is no longer relevant....
septor - Sep 09 2012, 03:20PM
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Last-Reply: VR6Pete
Sep 17 2013, 08:43AM
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Gist bbcode!

During our most recent staff meeting I was curious about using the embedded gist URL on the forums. Now, as it's HTML code it wouldn't work (for good reason). However, Miro (SecretR) decided to throw ...
septor - Jan 24 2013, 06:26PM
Replies: 7
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Last-Reply: septor
May 05 2013, 04:13AM

how can member ask to be added to some usergroup [solved]

Hi,I only need to point the right way. I know this from phpbb, but not seen in e107. Maybe there is some plugin or something similar or I only need to set something .I have usergroups. Some part of si...
Jimako - Apr 09 2014, 07:55AM
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Last-Reply: Jimako
Apr 12 2014, 03:06AM

Need help with SQL code for premission

Hi guys.I am rebuilding my plugin and need help with permission. My friend says that i need to use SQL for that but maybe you can teach me other.Its a database extractor and its a simple plugin that g...
SteppeR - Apr 09 2014, 03:34AM
Replies: 8
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Last-Reply: SteppeR
Apr 10 2014, 11:11PM

plugin alt_auth - how to get email from other database [solved]

I used alt_auth with united-nuke users (similar db like php-nuke). Everything works fine.But then I used some plugins and user couldn't submit anything. The reason was this: $author_name = $tp...
Jimako - Sep 30 2013, 01:52AM
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Last-Reply: Jimako
Mar 21 2014, 10:59AM

plugin link still on

Hello At my site [-link-] are 3 plugins i have removed but the links are still at the menu bar what must i do to remove those links I have delete the plugins from file manager Job StackSite stats toun...
resultfulkha - Mar 19 2014, 02:20AM
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Last-Reply: resultfulkha
Mar 19 2014, 02:45AM


Hello im looking for a good working twitter plugin i tried a few but they didnt work who can help me with this plugin...
resultfulkha - Mar 13 2014, 07:38AM
Replies: 6
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Last-Reply: septor
Mar 16 2014, 04:05AM

e tweets

e tweet plugin doesnt show up in menu box afhter installation it is in the plugin menu...
resultfulkha - Mar 15 2014, 03:03PM
Replies: 1
Views: 40
Last-Reply: Tgtje
Mar 16 2014, 04:01AM

plugin list new and multilanguage site

Hi,is there way how to make List New plugin available in more languages? I mean, captions of section are in core table, this table you can't copy in language setting. Thanks...
Jimako - Mar 12 2014, 06:31AM
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Plugin Update waiting for approval

Hi Guys!I uploaded an update of PView Gallery in January.But it is still awaiting for approval. Is this normal? How can i accelerate this process?regardsR.F. Carter...
R.F. Carter - Feb 20 2014, 05:45AM
Replies: 6
Views: 206
Last-Reply: R.F. Carter
Feb 21 2014, 08:38AM

A question about e107 gold

Hello, can someone tell me if e107gold is completely secure from hacking attacks for Version 1.0.4 ? And if it will be fully working on the new official version of e107 (2.0) ? Thanks in advance....
dimbadboy - Feb 07 2014, 05:51AM
Replies: 2
Views: 142
Last-Reply: Moc
Feb 07 2014, 09:21AM

web button to execute command line

hi,I'm new to linux and have loaded up e107 on a raspberry pi.It works!I need to create a page that has 2 buttons to run a ipmitool command line.The impi tool allows me to remotely manage a dell serve...
tklose - Jan 16 2014, 03:41PM
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Teamspeak 3 Menu - No admin options?

Hi, does anyone know why this plugin: [-link-] does not work?In the admin panel i get this:Settings are gone......
MrNiceGuy - Dec 30 2013, 06:57AM
Replies: 6
Views: 276
Last-Reply: MrNiceGuy
Jan 09 2014, 03:20AM

accessing User images

Hi Everyone,I am working on a custom page and I am trying to utilize the user profile or the avatar images in it. I have pulled up the user table from the database and it has entries such as user_imag...
CyberianDog - Dec 31 2013, 07:05AM
Replies: 2
Views: 188
Last-Reply: nlstart
Jan 02 2014, 08:42AM
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Krooze arcade

I tried contacting Bordeded (who by the way was doing some custom work for me long ago) and while he read his PM several days ago he has not responded. Therefore I am helping myself to posting this he...
bigbadwolf - Feb 02 2012, 08:45AM
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Replies: 36
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Last-Reply: septor
Dec 15 2013, 08:08AM

Easy backup

Can´t find teasy backup. It most be accepted by V 1.0.4I tryed to load up a older version but the site dosn´t accept....
Torin - Jun 02 2013, 09:19AM
Replies: 7
Views: 484
Last-Reply: nlstart
Dec 02 2013, 02:15AM

problem in gold system plugin

gold system plugin wont work in e107 7.25i tested all version of this pluginAll versions except 4.4 are destroyed Forumplease help metanks...
mkcenter - Jul 18 2011, 10:34PM
Replies: 8
Views: 2165
Last-Reply: MarcoV1980
Nov 27 2013, 06:24AM

Help a newbie out

Hi all, I have been following a tutorial on creating a plugin for e107. I have a plugin and it installs via e107 but when I click into my admin page it loads it outside of the e107 environment on a pl...
chrisshortys - Nov 03 2013, 09:06AM
Replies: 1
Views: 233
Last-Reply: Tgtje
Nov 04 2013, 02:37AM


This applies to SFS-master plug-in.Agree on and try to hand [-link-]The page is now run with version 1.0.3According to the instructions, I made a SFS-folder in the root.There, I tried two different ve...
NilsTorin - Oct 29 2013, 01:42AM
Replies: 2
Views: 225
Last-Reply: NilsTorin
Nov 01 2013, 08:00AM

Creative Writer Plugin from Father Barry

Hi, is there anybody who use this plugin from Father Barry? I update it for 1.0.4 and solved some of bugs from original site and it would be nice to discuss about with somebody who use it. I am not ab...
Jimako - Oct 21 2013, 12:32PM
Replies: 1
Views: 258
Last-Reply: C6Dave
Oct 22 2013, 03:01AM
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Regarding New Version of E107 & Roofdog Donations

I installed the new version of E107 and set it all up right as far as i know. Added all the stuff i need. So i went ahead and installed Roofdog Donation 2.7 uploaded via ftp and my adminarea and both ...
Aone122 - Feb 02 2012, 03:31AM
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Replies: 20
Views: 2274
Last-Reply: septor
Oct 17 2013, 08:05AM
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Listing users of a specific userclass

Hi,I've been working on a fairly simple piece of code that allows you to list/show all users of a specific userclass. You can find the snippet here: [-link-] (note that this is a piece that I include...
Moc - Sep 01 2012, 06:26AM
Replies: 12
Views: 1503
Last-Reply: MrNiceGuy
Oct 17 2013, 06:41AM

Ncode Image resizer conflicts with Other plugins

Hello guys. So today a user posted some pretty large images on the forum and they broke the site a bit. I used Ncode image resizer to resize them and it did a pretty good job (minus it has some bugs) ...
djdobro - Oct 13 2013, 12:02AM
Replies: 1
Views: 219
Last-Reply: C6Dave
Oct 13 2013, 05:19AM

E-Commerce plugin

Hey guys!I just wonder what E-Commerce plugin is best for the e107 system?Thanks in advance!...
Jonas Karlsson - Oct 08 2013, 09:14AM
Replies: 3
Views: 258
Last-Reply: Jonas Karlsson
Oct 12 2013, 04:44AM

Easy Shop Plugin

Hello e107 Community,We need help with the Easy Shop Plugin and someone that is familiar enough with it to understand how to work around in it. Here are the current issues we face:- Using this cart fo...
H. Rose, Jr. - Oct 09 2013, 05:01PM
Replies: 2
Views: 279
Last-Reply: C6Dave
Oct 11 2013, 12:11AM
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