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V1.0.4 Upgrade and Installation Issues

If you have any issues with the current and latest OFFICIAL release of e107, post them here...
C6Dave - May 22 2013, 10:13AM
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Last-Reply: Moc
Mar 12 2014, 02:44AM
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Is there a mailing list to be notified of e107 updates??

Is there a mailing list to get informed whenever a new e107 release comes out? I did not find it if it exists......
Allow - Dec 20 2008, 11:00PM
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Last-Reply: C6Dave
Dec 21 2008, 12:27AM
Sticky Thread

README FIRST - before Posting on Install / Upgrade/Post Problems

There are a lot of common installation problems which have been answered before, so this new forum category has been created specifically for those questions. However please ensure you're installing t...
C6Dave - Apr 03 2006, 11:31AM
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Blank page and error messages

Gents,I am sure I read all avalaible stuff before I posted this qyuestion.After a installation I got myself a blank page. I ran though all the possible options to fix my problem but nothing works. Fin...
knudkp - Apr 04 2010, 05:24AM
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Last-Reply: bulldozer
Mar 22 2014, 02:11PM


I like to take all forum post from our clan site to my new e107 site but i dont know how is there any1 who can help me with this from [-link-] to [-link-]...
resultfulkha - Mar 17 2014, 03:18AM
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Last-Reply: Moc
Mar 17 2014, 10:05AM

Website problem

Hello support teamI am using old version of e107 forhttp://wwwindow.comMore than one month is that its not workcan u please help me about that?Regards...
managermd - Jan 31 2014, 01:22AM
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Last-Reply: Tgtje
Feb 08 2014, 03:26AM

GoldMember plugin giving error 'Script Expired'

Hi,I am adding the e107 plugin named "Gold Member" its giving me 'Script Expired' error all other plugin works fine,Did someone faced the same issue earlier....
RohitBhargava - Feb 01 2014, 02:48AM
Replies: 2
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Last-Reply: C6Dave
Feb 01 2014, 04:18AM
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Upgraded from 1.03 to 1.04 but have had issues.

Let me start off by saying I've had some other issues that randomly just fixed them self. Early last year my whole e107 website was just a black page. Every page no matter what I went to. I reinstalle...
august - Jan 04 2014, 02:20PM
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Last-Reply: august
Jan 12 2014, 03:19PM
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Upgrade from different e107 versions

Hi, I have already 3 websites with e107, and need to upgrade all to the same versionOne from version 1.0.2One from version 1.0.1One from version 1.0.3 svnWhen I see the download "Upgrading from an ear...
viviente - Jan 03 2014, 12:50PM
Replies: 10
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Last-Reply: Martín
Jan 08 2014, 07:41AM

Disappointed to say the least

Over the years having used SMF, and dabbled in Xoops & Joomla & Mambo (not successfully) I recently put up a new site for my club with SMF and a portal plug-in, wasn't happy with the appearan...
Margolin - Dec 20 2013, 06:20PM
Replies: 4
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Last-Reply: nlstart
Dec 27 2013, 04:35AM
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Having an issue with the time changing in the event calendar

I have recently upgraded to version 1.04 and since the upgrade anytime I go into to edit an existing calendar event the system adds 1 hour to both the start and end time of the event when displaying t...
b-denterprises - Jun 10 2013, 06:50PM
Replies: 18
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Last-Reply: RCurtis
Dec 15 2013, 08:04PM

Submit Comment after site search

At my site, i have turned off commenting to newspost etc. However, when i do a sitesearch and click on a result, the "Submit Comment" box appears and Submitting a comment is possible.Is there a settin...
starbert - Dec 15 2013, 06:45AM
Replies: 3
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Last-Reply: Moc
Dec 15 2013, 01:30PM

Cant see core images after install.

i installed everything the same way this site said. it worked fine. but none of the little images load, i.e i get the little red X everywhere. on the main site, in the admin area. everywhere. can some...
deadlife - Apr 09 2006, 09:14PM
Replies: 5
Views: 1770
Last-Reply: Tgtje
Dec 13 2013, 03:38AM
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spam sign up & comments

Hi everybody,after upgrading my e107 7.21. to 1.04 i have lots of spam sign up from usa countrythese spam after signing in leave comments in forum,where is the bug? how should i fix it?... - Nov 17 2013, 10:48PM
Replies: 11
Views: 511
Last-Reply: Tgtje
Dec 07 2013, 03:43PM

Installation e107 message

Hello people, i'm not so pro about sites, but i bought a domain + webhosting, and when i try to install e107 ( [-link-] ) appears this:"e107 requires PHP to be installed or compiled with the MySQL ext...
Y! - Nov 13 2013, 02:48AM
Replies: 2
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Last-Reply: Y!
Nov 15 2013, 01:04PM


I drive side [-link-]. It runs version 1.0.3The admin is a function Adminlog.When I activate it so it will not work.I am using Jayya v1.0 What should I do...
NilsTorin - Nov 04 2013, 05:49AM
Replies: 2
Views: 243
Last-Reply: C6Dave
Nov 04 2013, 11:43AM

Version Through phpMyAdmin

Hi guys,Is it possible to see what version of e107 you are running in the database?I took my site down afew years ago and am now trying to put it back up but am running into various problems, the site...
soulquarian - Nov 02 2013, 04:09AM
Replies: 8
Views: 322
Last-Reply: Tgtje
Nov 04 2013, 10:47AM

Error with 1and1 hosting / Parse error on install or upgrade

Hello-I just thought I would post this for the generla public to have information on this issue. I recently did a fresh install of e107 on my 1and1 webhosting server, and got the following error when ...
ImAsOnAz - Apr 24 2012, 02:25PM
Replies: 2
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Last-Reply: Nicholas
Oct 31 2013, 12:52AM


Hi,I have tried to install this them without success. I uploaded and unzipped successfully. How should I set my domain pointer. eg: public_html/.....what should I write here....If anyone can give me d...
learner - Oct 29 2013, 07:38AM
Replies: 2
Views: 199
Last-Reply: learner
Oct 29 2013, 05:58PM

Upgraded to 1.0.4 now i have problems with the text editor

Hi everyone,I have just upgraded my my site to 1.0.4 and started having many issues with TinyMCE.The file browser and many other tools have disappeared. even though I was able to add some of the basic...
CyberianDog - Oct 24 2013, 10:09AM
Replies: 9
Views: 390
Last-Reply: Tgtje
Oct 27 2013, 08:16AM

cannot login on a clean install

Hi All,I just did a clean install of version 1.0.4 on a subdomain to work on a new version of my site.Installation went fine without any errors however I cannot log in as any user.At first I tried log...
CyberianDog - Oct 26 2013, 06:35AM
Replies: 2
Views: 181
Last-Reply: CyberianDog
Oct 26 2013, 08:39AM

How do I install Hi Slider(free wordpress slider plugin) to my e107 themes?

How do I install Hi Slider(free wordpress slider plugin) to my e107 themes?...
jbreg - Sep 09 2013, 03:16AM
Replies: 7
Views: 632
Last-Reply: Tgtje
Oct 22 2013, 02:22PM

Embedding issues

Hi,Just came back to e107 after a few years using Evo Extreme.Having a lot of problems because iframes won't embed. I just attempted to embed the Twitter widget - that also won't work. HTML BB Code se...
DH_CenTauR - Oct 15 2013, 08:53AM
Replies: 9
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Last-Reply: Tgtje
Oct 21 2013, 11:17AM
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Installing e107 on GoDaddy Economy Account

OK, I've been searching for 3 days now on how to install e107 on GoDaddy and I am stuck.I downloaded the latest version of e107 e107_0.7.25_full.tar.gz and uploaded it via FTP then extracted it onto t...
Jo5u4 - Jun 25 2011, 03:35PM
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Last-Reply: Tgtje
Oct 16 2013, 02:50PM

removing orginal founders privaleges.

Hi there,A question I've been unable to resolve myself, thought I'd ask kindly in hereOur clan has been running since 2006 and recently the deputy leaders took over. The domain and content including ...
Nossie - Oct 09 2013, 04:08PM
Replies: 4
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Last-Reply: Nossie
Oct 10 2013, 11:01AM
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