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How to help with translation of e107

If you wish to help translate e107 - first, check that a certified translator doesn't already exist in the translation team list.If not, then please fill in this form here [-link-]You can also find tr...
CaMer0n - Jul 23 2010, 04:23AM
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Dec 01 2013, 06:30PM
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Incomplete language packs e107 v1.x

The following incomplete language packs are available at Bengali Bosnian Estonian (v1.0.0 based) Greek (v1.0.3 based) Hebrew Icelandic (v1.0.2 bas...
nlstart - Jul 11 2013, 04:09AM
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Last-Reply: nlstart
Jul 12 2013, 01:31PM
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Translation File Checklist.

If you are getting blank pages, or if others are, you should check the following in your language pack files: Check for Syntax errors in the php code. A missing " or ); will halt everything. Make sur...
CaMer0n - Jun 23 2006, 07:07PM
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Last-Reply: Lion
Jul 12 2011, 11:17AM

e107_v1.0.4_French translation pack

Hi all, it's been a long time I wasn't around here and e107... but now I'm out of work and I have forced free time I just had a bad issue with the e107_v1.0.4_French pack files which breaks my displ...
JoePT - Apr 17 2014, 01:33AM
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Main theme "core" doesnt support lithuanian language

So I ran into problem, whenever I change my site language from english to lithuanian, and admin or site default theme is "core" I get blank screen. If default site theme is different only admin pages...
Augiz - Feb 08 2014, 04:03AM
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Feb 08 2014, 07:59AM

Illegal characters found before [php]

Hello guys!I just creat some "ChineseTrad" language on my e107 mastereverything's all rightbut why It's show "Illegal characters found before [php]" then I can't creat language pack anymore??btw....
Icery - Jan 26 2014, 02:27AM
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Jan 27 2014, 07:50AM

Open invitation for more e107 v1.0.4 languages

currently (July 2013) we have a total of 23 language packs added to e107 latest version v1.0.4, which is an achievement we are actually quite proud of. I am asking you to make us even more proud!All o...
nlstart - Jul 04 2013, 01:32AM
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Last-Reply: nlstart
Aug 29 2013, 04:52AM
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Available language packs e107 v1.0.1

See the e107 download page for actual downloads:BulgarianChinese SimplifiedChinese TraditionalCzech (updated: 19-5-2012)DanishDutchEnglish #FrenchGermanHungarianItalianLatvianLithuanianNorwegianPersia...
nlstart - Apr 02 2012, 01:04PM
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Last-Reply: nlstart
Aug 25 2013, 11:50PM

Available language packs e107 v1.0.4

v1.0.3 vs v1.0.4 English language pack differences: NoneSee the e107 download page for actual downloads:Full v1.0.4 translation packs: Arabic (AR_AR) Bulgarian (bg_BG) ChineseSimp (zh_CN) ChineseTrad ...
nlstart - May 24 2013, 12:30PM
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Last-Reply: nlstart
Aug 21 2013, 01:45AM

Questions about language

Hi guys, I need help with language e107 installed in English, after I loaded my other languages ​​(Portuguese and Spanish) but now I do not want the English language. OK Before you remove the English,...
Martín - Jun 01 2012, 03:20AM
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Last-Reply: nlstart
Aug 08 2013, 06:46AM

How to send mail notifications with different languages

I have configured "Notify" to send news updates to the members of my page. The problem is that my news stories are presented in four different languages, and now every member receives the same news fo...
Kbarreth - Apr 10 2013, 07:06PM
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Last-Reply: nlstart
Aug 08 2013, 06:20AM

Want to start translate v2 but how ?

Hey all. I want to help start translate e107 version to danish. Its gonna be a lot of work så how do i start i version 2 ?Is it just like version 1 ?In translation i cant chouse Danish så how do i sta...
SteppeR - Jun 12 2013, 01:13PM
Replies: 3
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Last-Reply: Moc
Jun 17 2013, 06:10AM
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Available language packs e107 v1.0.3

See the e107 download page for actual downloads:Full v1.0.3 translation packs: Arabic (AR_AR) Bulgarian (bg_BG) ChineseTrad (tw_TW) Czech (cs_CZ) Danish (da_DK) Dutch (nl_NL) English (en_EN) # French ...
nlstart - Mar 15 2013, 02:51PM
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Last-Reply: nlstart
May 13 2013, 10:58AM
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Pytanie do Polskich użytkowników e107

Mam Pytanie czy ktoś z was wie co się dzieje z Polską stroną wspaecia e107 pod adresem [-link-] od dłuższego czasu chula wiatr . A czasem polskie wsparcie by sie przydało. Po za tym nie ma nawet forum...
adam102 - Feb 22 2013, 02:41PM
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Last-Reply: adam102
Apr 08 2013, 02:38AM

Warning for early released v1.0.3 language files

The e107 development team has released v1.0.3 officially. That's both good and bad news at the same time for the Translation Team. The good news is that the Translation Team (thanks to the Italian com...
nlstart - Mar 15 2013, 02:42PM
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Blank Pages

Hello.I have transelated a lot of the Norwegian language file. When i have installed the Norwegian language and set it to default, i only get blank / White pages.... Somebody who can help with this is...
dogbone - Dec 05 2012, 08:29AM
Replies: 3
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Last-Reply: nlstart
Dec 05 2012, 09:40AM

Available language packs e107 v1.0.2

See the e107 download page for actual downloads: Arabic (AR_AR) Bulgarian (bg_BG) ChineseSimp (zh_CN) ChineseTrad (tw_TW) Czech (cs_CZ) Danish (da_DK) Dutch (nl_NL) English (en_EN) # French (fr_FR) Ge...
nlstart - Oct 22 2012, 11:44PM
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Last-Reply: nlstart
Nov 26 2012, 01:18PM

General Help

I start translating e107 to Serbian language and see that Help is very confusing. This is chatbox help: What is the Replace Links section for? You can convert any links entered in your chat...
bogyvet - Apr 21 2012, 07:11AM
Replies: 2
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Last-Reply: nlstart
Aug 29 2012, 01:10PM

Request for Indonesia Language Translator

Hello,I have request to become Indonesia language translator.Where I can reach that request and start to translating ?Thanks.Akbar....
nicosoftmedia - Jul 12 2012, 02:26AM
Replies: 4
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Last-Reply: nlstart
Aug 29 2012, 01:06PM

userlanguage flags menu v1.3 (Latvian)

Plugin - [-link-]Latvian language + Images - [-link-]...
sandza - Jun 02 2012, 12:27PM
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Last-Reply: sandza
Jun 07 2012, 06:00PM

Latvian Language

do someone got Latvian language pack for e107 .i would like to buy if someone got fully translated....
jankovichs - Mar 09 2012, 12:07PM
Replies: 6
Views: 2838
Last-Reply: nlstart
Jun 07 2012, 10:54AM

e107 v.1.0.1 Latvian

I have translated e107 v.1.0.1 LatvianPlease errors and nonsense sentences reportLatvian language package currently in BETA version, because with the help of google has been translated:"Content", "new...
sandza - Jun 06 2012, 12:42AM
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Last-Reply: nlstart
Jun 07 2012, 10:52AM

Problem using the latest Norwegian language pack.

Hi.I tried to add the latest norwegian language pack to my clean newly installed e107 v1.0.1. This caused the site to go white, both frontend and backend.There was no error msg of any kind given. The ...
Kjell-Arne - Apr 17 2012, 09:19AM
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Last-Reply: TucknDar
May 13 2012, 12:28PM

[moved] Problems with translations

Anyone got idea how can i translate these things which are marked on the picture.I'm using Slovenian language pack(admin mode is in slovenian language)...
mmajer8 - Apr 25 2012, 09:32AM
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Last-Reply: Tgtje
Apr 27 2012, 02:58AM

Problems of strange characters

I downloaded the 1.0 version of the site here and the package of the Portuguese language (Brazil), the only problems are strange characters in the days of the week and months, anyone know how to solve...
Rogerio Jesus - Mar 31 2012, 09:31AM
Replies: 3
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Last-Reply: Moc
Mar 31 2012, 02:20PM
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