Why I need to signup

Do I need to signup (register) at e107.org

Yes, if you want to take full advantage of the help offered in the support forums, request a feature, or just share your thoughts with our friendly community.

Registration is quick and simple with only a few details required.
  • A 'username' basically your on-line 'addy' which protects your real identity.
  • A password that's easily rememberable (this will be encrypted on site so is secure)
  • An email address (obscured on site if you opt to do so to prevent spam bots harvesting it) It does need to be a valid address though, as you will be sent a link to verify your account before you can post in the forums, or comments sections.
    You can however opt in to display your email during registration, or in your usersettings page later, once your account is verified should you wish to do so
That's it, it's very simple. With e107's inbuilt security your details are stored safely with access only to designated administration staff. However even those do not have access to your password which is encrypted, so if you lose it, it cannot be recovered, but you can reset it and create a new one.